Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding (or a forwarder) company specialises in organising delivery and storage of cargo on behalf of its shipping consignees. Usually, freight forwarders don’t have their own transport (such as sea, road, air and railway), but works together with these service providers, which allows forwarder to give better price than getting one directly from a shipping company.

Forwarders job includes full shipping services, storage and warehouse services, preparation of export documents, negotiation freight charges and costs as well as insurances.

Our forwarding services

In our company, we currently work with transit goods via Finland and from Europe to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We help our clients to create best route and choosing right form of transport according to the goods. We will track the shipment, pay local charges and prepare all necessary documents. After the cargo reaches its final destination, you will receive only one simple invoice for the full service.